About Mostadaam

The Conscious Online Destination for Sustainable Living™

Mostadaam, One of the first sustainable and ethical marketplace in the Middle East and North Africa. Here you can shop while completely reassured that the products & service you purchase align with your sustainability and ethical responsibility.

Mostadaam has pioneered the development of a set of standards that to be the first of their kind in the world in terms of comprehensiveness. These standards promote a comprehensive approach to sustainability, addressing multiple aspects from responsible and ethical business practices to participating in the development of strong, resilient, and prosperous economies. Mostadaam's Sustainable Attributes encompass a wide range of standards, including sustainability, environmental, ethical, social, and economic criteria. These attributes serve as guidelines for sellers, businesses, and brands, aligning with Mostadaam's sustainability goals and contributing to the advancement of a more sustainable marketplace.

Our Mission: To accelerate the MENA Region's transition to a sustainable lifestyle and circular economy, we reinforce and emphasize the importance of transparency and clarity for both products and businesses.

Our Vision: Establishing the most compelling sustainable, ethical marketplace of the 21st century and the destination for conscious consumers who strive to make sustainable choices with one click. 
Mostadaam's Purpose – To Make an Impact That Matters. Read More About Mostadaam.