Mostadaam; launch of one of the first conscious online destination in the Middle East for ethical & sustainable brands

November 3, 2022

Mostadaam: Pioneering Ethical and Sustainable Trade in the Middle East

Mostadaam, a conscious online destination, has recently emerged as one of the first pioneers of change in the Middle East's economic landscape. Founded in Dubai, UAE, by like-minded individuals who share a core belief in the power of trade as a force for good, Mostadaam aims to revolutionize the way we consume and support businesses.

At the heart of Mostadaam's vision is the creation of a world where conscious consumerism becomes the norm. They recognize that every purchase we make has a direct impact on the environment, society, and future generations. With this in mind, Mostadaam strives to redirect even a small percentage of consumer expenditure towards brands and companies that prioritize poverty reduction, climate change mitigation, and women's entrepreneurship.

Mostadaam firmly believes that shopping can be a powerful force for positive change. They embrace a collaborative mindset, treating their clients as partners in their mission to create a better world. By providing a coordinated and modern platform that connects consumers with sustainable and ethical products, Mostadaam aims to harmonize conscious and joyful consumption.

One of the key aspects of Mostadaam's approach is the comprehensive sustainability education center they offer. They understand that raising awareness and educating consumers about sustainability is vital to accelerating the transition towards a circular economy. By leveraging digital technology, Mostadaam empowers individuals to make more conscious choices and contribute to a more sustainable future.

Mostadaam is committed to supporting small and independent businesses, ethical and sustainable brands, women-owned companies, artisans, and creators of unique and creative handmade goods. They also promote homemade products, healthy food and beverages, and online programs for fitness exercises, healthy cooking, yoga, and much more. By prioritizing local and regional products, Mostadaam fosters a more sustainable supply chain, supports sustainable development goals, and actively contributes to social impact.

Addressing the pressing issue of climate change is a central focus for Mostadaam. They strive to reduce carbon emissions in the Middle East region by encouraging the adoption of locally made products and those made in the UAE or the surrounding region. By doing so, they support local businesses, promote a more sustainable supply chain, and work towards the shared goal of addressing climate change.

As Mostadaam embarks on this exciting journey, they are honored to have consumers on board who share their vision and actively support their mission. By choosing Mostadaam as their sustainable and ethical marketplace, individuals are supporting positive businesses and companies that prioritize the well-being of the planet and its inhabitants.

Together, let us support the fight against climate change, make sustainable choices, and shape a better world through conscious consumerism. Mostadaam welcomes you to join their movement and be part of the transformative power of trade.

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