How Mostadaam plays a crucial role in promoting transparency in sustainable business practices?

March 1, 2023

Mostadaam plays a pivotal role in promoting transparency in sustainable business practices by providing a feature on its platform for companies to share information about their sustainable efforts and for consumers to access that information. 

Ways that Mostadaam promotes transparency in its sustainable business practices:

  • Mostadaam has provided information on the sustainable practices of the businesses that sell on the Mostadaam platform. This includes information on products' environmental and social impact, fair labor practices, and community engagement.
  • Mostadaam encourages businesses to be transparent about their sustainable practices by providing tools and resources to help them easily share this information with customers, providing a template for sustainability reports, or offering third-party certifications for businesses to obtain. Likewise, Mostadaam requires and encourages companies to provide credentials or ratings that demonstrate their sustainable performance, such as LEED certification for buildings or Fair Trade certification for products…etc. This information can be easily accessed by consumers on Mostadaam's website or app.
  • Mostadaam partners only with organizations focused on promoting sustainable business practices or products.
  • Mostadaam requires or encourages companies to share information about their supply chain and the sustainable practices of their suppliers. This can help consumers understand a product's entire lifecycle and make more informed purchasing decisions.

Product labeling: Mostadaam developed labeling systems that clearly communicate the sustainable attributes of products, such as the use of renewable energy or the percentage of recycled content.

Community engagement: Mostadaam already created a feature in its platform for consumers to share their feedback and ask questions about a company's sustainable practices. This can help companies to improve their transparency and build trust with consumers.

Educating customers: Mostadaam educates customers through Mostadaam E-learning Center about the importance of sustainability and how to identify sustainable products. By providing information on how to read sustainability reports, what to look for when identifying sustainable products, and how customers can make a positive impact through their purchasing decisions.

Mostadaam plays a significant role and is still on its way with its partners to strengthen transparency in sustainable business practices and help consumers to make more informed purchasing decisions.

Mohamed Elmahdy


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