Conscious Consumer's Guide

Welcome to Mostadaam's Conscious Consumer's Guide, where you'll learn how to become a responsible buyer by understanding the sustainable and ethical values behind each product or service. We believe that every purchase you make can have a positive impact on the world, and with the right knowledge, you can make informed choices that align with your values. Discover how to support businesses that prioritize sustainability, ethical practices, and social responsibility, empowering you to be a conscious consumer.

At Mostadaam, sustainability and ethical practices are at the core of our marketplace. They form the foundation of our philosophy and are essential pillars that drive our existence. Our commitment to sustainability goes beyond mere words. It is deeply ingrained in everything we do; from the products and services we offer to the way we conduct business. We firmly believe that by promoting sustainable and ethical practices, we, our partners, and our customers have the power to create a positive impact on the environment, society, the economy, and the world as a whole and our actions and choices today shape the future we want to see. We have developed a comprehensive framework called "Mostadaam's Sustainable Attributes" to ensure that both sellers and buyers align with our sustainability goals. Let us take you through the two distinct definitions of Sustainable Attributes within Mostadaam's philosophy.

For Sellers and Brands: We have established "Mostadaam's Stringent Sustainability Standards" for sellers and brands who wish to be recognized as sustainable and ethical in our marketplace. These standards are a set of specific requirements and guidelines that cover various aspects such as sustainability, environmental impact, ethical practices, social responsibility, and economic considerations that support sustainable development goals and promote a circular economy. To showcase their products and services on Mostadaam, sellers must provide evidence and demonstrate their adherence to these standards. We carefully evaluate their practices to ensure they meet our stringent sustainability criteria. By adhering to Mostadaam's Stringent Sustainability Standards, sellers demonstrate their commitment to sustainable business practices and contribute to creating a more sustainable marketplace.

For Buyers: We present to buyers "Mostadaam's Values" we called Conscious Consumer's Guide as part of our commitment to transparency and empowering informed choices. Mostadaam's Values reflect the same criteria that enable sellers to sell on our platform but from the buyer's perspective. We believe in providing comprehensive and transparent information about the sustainability of products and services available on our marketplace. Mostadaam's Values encompass specific product attributes that are essential for buyers who prioritize sustainability. When browsing our platform, buyers will find in-depth details about ingredients, formulas, packaging materials, environmental impacts, recycling information, and more. We ensure that buyers have access to honest and transparent information, enabling them to make informed decisions that align with their values.

Mostadaam’s Values - Conscious Consumer's Guide

Mostadaam's Sustainable values for buyers or Conscious Consumer's Guide cover a range of standards, including sustainability, environmental, ethical, social, and economic, all aimed at supporting sustainable development and promoting a circular economy. These Values serve as guidelines for buyers to become Conscious Consumers, This is an explanation of the meanings of these values, which are what you see in terms of descriptions or icons of the product or service that you want to purchase.

Mostadaam aims to foster a holistic approach to sustainability that addresses multiple aspects of responsible and ethical business practices.

At Mostadaam, we understand that your money is one of the most powerful forces of influence in the world. By consciously choosing to support sustainable and ethical brands and companies, you are using your purchasing power to drive positive change. Your choices matter, and we are here to empower you to make a difference.

Explore our wide range of products and services that prioritize sustainability, ethics, and social responsibility. Join us in creating a marketplace that stands for positive impact and a more sustainable future.

Carbon Neutral

This term indicates that a product, service, or brand has achieved a net-zero carbon footprint by either offsetting or reducing their greenhouse gas emissions. Being carbon neutral demonstrates a commitment to mitigating climate change.


  • By choosing carbon-neutral products and services on Mostadaam, you play a vital role in mitigating climate change and preserving the environment. Carbon neutrality ensures that the emissions generated during the production and use of a product or service are balanced by offsetting measures, resulting in a net-zero carbon footprint. This commitment exemplifies our dedication to combating climate change and creating a sustainable future.
  • When you support carbon-neutral brands on Mostadaam, you contribute to a healthier planet, safeguarding natural resources and inspiring others to adopt environmentally responsible practices. Additionally, as part of our sustainability commitment, we allocate 1% from each order towards offsetting carbon emissions. This means that every purchase you make on Mostadaam directly supports our initiative to reduce the environmental impact associated with carbon emissions. By choosing carbon-neutral products, you can feel empowered knowing that your actions contribute to positive change and a greener future.


Business or brand is owned and operated by women. It represents the empowerment and recognition of women entrepreneurs and their contribution to the economy. This value encourages the growth and success of women-led enterprises, highlighting their achievements and fostering a more inclusive and equitable business environment.

  • By supporting woman-owned businesses on Mostadaam, you contribute to a more inclusive and equitable economy. Your choice to purchase products and services from woman-owned brands empowers women entrepreneurs and promotes gender equality. By actively supporting these businesses, you help create opportunities for women to thrive and succeed in the business world. Additionally, you gain access to unique and high-quality offerings that showcase the talent, innovation, and creativity of women entrepreneurs. Join us in celebrating and supporting woman-owned businesses on Mostadaam, and together, let's build a more equal and empowered society.
  • When you choose products from woman-owned brands, you can feel proud knowing that your purchase supports a strong and resilient community of women entrepreneurs. By making conscious choices, you contribute to breaking barriers and fostering a business environment where diversity and inclusivity are celebrated. Feel the satisfaction of knowing that your support makes a meaningful difference in empowering women and promoting a more balanced and just world.


Refers to products or materials that can naturally break down and decompose into harmless substances over time.

  • By choosing biodegradable options, you actively contribute to preserving ecosystems and reducing landfill waste. At Mostadaam, we proudly offer a diverse range of biodegradable products that align with your commitment to sustainability. From household items to personal care products, our selection includes environmentally friendly options that naturally break down, minimizing their impact on the planet. By opting for biodegradable products on Mostadaam, you can make a positive impact and let your choices be a catalyst for positive change.
  • Embrace the satisfaction of knowing that your choices support the well-being of the environment and future generations. By selecting biodegradable products, you can feel a sense of responsibility and care for the planet, making a positive contribution to reducing waste and protecting natural resources. Experience the joy of being part of the solution as you choose products that harmonize with nature's processes and create a more sustainable world.