Code of Conduct and Ethics Policy

The Mostadaam Code of Conduct and Ethics Policy outlines the principles and values that guide  Mostadaam's operations and interactions with stakeholders.

Mostadam L.L.C (“Mostadaam”) has a commitment towards moral conduct and ethical behavior and operates within the spirit of the law. Therefore, Mostadaam recognizes (and has subsequently implemented) a set of governance documents that aim to provide guidance and advice. As a general policy, Mostadaam expects all its stakeholders (i.e., any individual or group of individuals having an interest, whether directly or indirectly, in Mostadaam) to behave in an honest and integrous manner.

Establishing this Code of Conduct and Ethics Policy (“Code”) shall be considered one of the several useful instruments of an inclusive strategy and holistic policy aimed at ensuring sustain our business and conducts our operations ethically and responsibly.

Moreover, the Code outlines the minimum standards of behavior expected from all stakeholders to support the vision and values of Mostadaam. 

We require our stakeholders to familiarize themselves with this Code and apply the highest level of ethics, law, compliance, and personal conduct.

The ultimate goal of the Code is to serve as the principles and values that guide the operations of Mostadaam and its interactions with stakeholders in a fair, transparent, and legal manner.

A code of conduct and ethics policy for a Mostadaam would outline the principles and values that guide the Mostadaam's operations and interactions with stakeholders:

1. Compliance with laws and regulations: 

Mostadaam adheres to all applicable laws and regulations, including those related to consumer protection, environmental protection, and fair labor practices.

2. Fair practices:

 Mostadaam is committed to conducting business fairly and ethically and will not engage in activities that are illegal, unethical, or that could be considered to be a breach of trust or integrity.

3. Ethical business practices:
 Mostadaam conducts its business ethically and responsibly, and it prohibits any form of corrupt practices or fraud.
4. Respect for human rights:

Mostadaam respects and promotes human rights, and it prohibits any form of discrimination, forced labor, or child labor.

5. Transparency and honesty: 

Mostadaam is transparent about its operations and activities and provides accurate and timely information to its stakeholders.

6. Environmental responsibility: 

Mostadaam promotes environmental responsibility and sustainability; it requires suppliers and vendors to share information about their environmental practices and policies.

7. Fair labor practices: 

Mostadaam promotes fair labor practices and prohibits any form of exploitation or abuse of workers.

8. Ethical sourcing: 

Mostadaam is committed to working with vendors and suppliers committed to ethical sourcing and will not knowingly source products produced through forced labor, child labor, or other forms of exploitation.

9. Community engagement: 

Mostadaam engages with the communities in which it operates and supports social and environmental programs.

10. Continuous improvement: 

Mostadaam continuously reviews its practices and policies and takes action to improve its social and environmental responsibility performance.

11. Whistle-blower protection: 

Mostadaam provides an avenue for employees, vendors, suppliers, and partners to report any unethical or illegal activities without fear of retaliation.

12. Communication: 

Mostadaam communicates its code of conduct and ethics policy to all employees, vendors, suppliers, and partners and holds them accountable for their adherence to the policy.

13. Accountability:

Mostadaam holds itself accountable for its actions and will take prompt and appropriate action in case of any violation of this Code of Conduct and Ethics.