About Mostadaam

The Conscious Online Destination for Sustainable Living™

#Mostadaam derived from the Arabic word for "sustainability".

Welcome to Mostadaam, One of the first sustainable and ethical marketplace in the Middle East and North Africa. Here you can shop while completely reassured that the products & service you purchase align with your sustainability and ethical responsibility. 

#Mostadaam was founded in Dubai, UAE, by like-minded people with a core belief that trade can be a force for good. And we believe that providing a coordinated and modern platform that connects consumers with sustainable and ethical products and a comprehensive sustainability education center contributes to accelerating the transition towards a circular economy, leveraging digital technology to harmonize conscious and joyful consumption and create more conscious choices.
Mostadaam was founded with the belief that small changes when embraced by many, make a big difference. 

Our goal is to make the concept of sustainability an easy topic to understand and practice while integrating it into people's daily lives and the business community. 
Mostadaam wanted to take a stand and change the game and be one of the first pioneers of change. And change the way our economy works by supporting small and independent businesses, ethical and sustainable brands, women-owned companies, artisan, unique and creative handmade goods, homemade products, healthy food and beverages, online programs for fitness exercises, healthy cooking, yoga, and much more. 
We believe in providing a platform for these different entities to showcase their products and services, reach a wider audience, ensure everyone gets their share of the cake, and promote sustainable and ethical practices that positively impact the world.

We change lives through changing trade

At Mostadaam, we aim to create a world where conscious consumerism is the norm. Every purchase directly impacts the environment, society, and future generations. Money spent is the most potent force for change in the world. At Mostadaam, we try to redirect even a small percentage of that expenditure to brands and companies that help reduce poverty, mitigate and adapt to climate change, and support women's entrepreneurship. 

Our Mission

To accelerate the MENA Region's transition to a sustainable lifestyle and circular economy, we reinforce and emphasize the importance of transparency and clarity for both products and businesses.

  1. Create a sustainable marketplace that promotes environmental responsibility, social justice, and economic prosperity for all. 
  2. Provide consumers with environmentally friendly, ethically, and fair sourcing products while supporting small businesses - women-owned, artisans, and local communities and encouraging sustainable consumption and production patterns.
  3. Promoting transparency and ethical practices in the supply chain and promoting fair trade.
  4. Educating and raising awareness among consumers about the impact of their purchasing decisions on the environment and society.
  5. Continuously striving to improve the platform's sustainability and reduce its environmental footprint.
  6. Building a community of like-minded individuals and organizations to drive positive change. 

Our Vision

Establishing the most compelling sustainable, ethical marketplace of the 21st century and the destination for conscious consumers who strive to make sustainable choices with one click. 

  1. A wide range of sustainable products and services is easily searchable and visible to consumers, so they can make informed decisions when shopping.
  2. An accreditation process for businesses ensures they meet specific sustainability standards and practices, so consumers can trust that they are purchasing products and services that are genuinely sustainable.
  3. A community aspect allows consumers to connect with each other and with businesses, share information, and provide feedback to build a more sustainable marketplace together.
  4. Integrating education tools and resources allows consumers and businesses to learn more about sustainability and how they can reduce their environmental impact.
  5. A platform that inspires businesses to be sustainable and supports the development and scaling of new sustainable products and services and circular economy practices.
  6. Actively track and report the platform's and its partners' impact to show its positive resonance on the environment, society, and economy.

Mostadaam's Purpose – To Make an Impact That Matters

Our Commitment: 

At Mostadaam, we are committed to providing our customers with a wide range of sustainable and ethical products and services from trusted brands.
The key factor differentiating Mostadaam is the commitment to transparency and integrity. We work closely with our suppliers and partners to ensure all products meet our stringent sustainability standards - a combination of sustainability standards, environmental standards, ethical standards, social standards, and economic standards that support sustainable development. 
This information is readily available to our customers, and we also provide information on materials used, manufacturing processes, suppliers, and more. 

Another unique aspect of Mostadaam is our focus on society. We believe that sustainability and ethical living is a team effort and strive to establish a community of like-minded individuals who share our values.

At Mostadaam, we believe we can positively impact the world by bringing together a community of individuals and businesses who share a passion for sustainability and ethics. So, we strive to educate and inspire our customers so that they can make informed decisions about the products they buy. 
Educational resources and information will be provided to help them. Our blog and e-learning platform provides information about sustainability, ethical responsibility, the latest trends in conscious consumption, circular economy, and sustainable development. There will be a platform for data exchange. Ethical for companies and suppliers

Driven To Influence

We are proud to support the growing movement of consumers who control their purchases and positively impact the world.
We believe that shopping can be a force for good, which drives us at Mostadaam.
We treat our clients with a collaborative mindset.  
We are on a mission to create a better world and are honored to have you with us throughout the journey. Thank you for supporting our mission and choosing Mostadaam as your sustainable and ethical marketplace.

Corporate Social Responsibility & Sustainability 

Mostadaam is committed to leading societal change and promoting sustainability.
Mostadaam and its founders have always been active in several activities that benefit the community in which they work. Mostadaam is proud of social responsibility activities that positively affect society. Read more about our initiative and inclusive societal movement, Mover-SDGs. It actively supports and promotes United Nations' efforts, contributing to the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

At Mostadaam, we believe that the future starts with us. Hence, we are committed to creating a sustainable and ethical market for you and future generations.
Join us in our mission to make the world a better place.
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Thank you for supporting our mission and choosing Mostadaam as your sustainable and ethical marketplace.

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